7th December2020

Following months of selection and design collaboration with our chosen supplier, 12 months ago Aeroforma Technologies placed two purchase orders:

  • “four-in-one wet surface treatments line”, to complement our existing fabrications business and chromic acid anodise plant
  • State of art paint spray booth

…more core processes under one roof leading to reduced leadtime, reduced logistics and increased competitiveness.

The new lines carry the following processes:

  • Tartaric sulphuric acid anodise (TSA)
  • Stainless steel passivation (nitric acid)
  • Conversion coating – Surtec 650 (chrome-fee alternative to alochrom 1200)
  • Titanium etch
  • Primer, top coat

During and despite the most challenging of times this year, the lines were manufactured, installed and commissioned on time and on budget.  Furthermore, Aeroforma Technologies is delighted to announce that, following close collaboration with Airbus and Sonaca, we are now approved to offer the following:

New Qualifications for Airbus & Embraer
AIPS 02-01-003 Tartaric Sulphuric Anodising of aluminium alloys for corrosion protection and paint
AIPS 05-02-009 Application of structural paints
ABP 5-1351 Surface Preparation Prior to Application of Paints
ABP 4-2130 Application of Flexible Finish Paint to an Internal Surface
ABP4 -1123 Application of Corrosion Inhibiting Primer to an Internal or External Surface
80-T-35-9120 Coating with Paints and Varnishes, General
80-T-35-5130 Coating with Two/Three- component Water-based Top Coat
80-T-35-5030 Coating with Two/Three- component Water-based Primer
AITM 6-9004 Inspection for Confirmation of the Anodising Process (based upon measurement of surface
AITM 6-6006 Mesure de l¿épaisseur des  revêtements à l¿aide d¿appareils magnétiques et à courants de Foucault
NE 40-081 Stainless Steels – Passivation
NE 40-012 Metallic Parts, Cleaning

The first of many…

Whilst the range of new approvals is extensive and impressive, especially considering the difficulties raised by covid-19, we haven’t finished yet.  Our work with OEMs and Tier 1s continues to fully qualify the line.  Q1 2021 is being targeted for NADCAP accreditation.

To coin a cliched phrase…watch this space!