Deep draw hydroforming

With considerable knowledge and extensive experience, Aeroforma Technologies is a leading provider of hydroform component solutions.  From large to small, we have a wealth of pressing capabilities to suit most applications.  Two stand-out presses best show this range of capabilities; the “Baby SAAB” and the Quintus QFM 1.1-800.  The former offers a draw of 200mm and an extraordinary 22,000psi of pressing power, which is ideal for forming the most demanding of materials, including inconel and titanium.  On the other hand, the Quintus has a high pressure capability of 10,000psi over a class-leading 1000mm envelope and 300mm draw.

Deep draw hydroforming (2)

Titanium hot forming / dimpling

Alongside our conventional cold pressing processes, Aeroforma Technologies also offers a titanium hot forming capability.  Not only do we operate a hot form sheet press (upto 538c), which can be applied as a lower cost alternative to super plastic forming, but also a purpose built hot dimpling machine which is able to produce highly-toleranced “dimples” in all grades of titanium, without the usual cracking and opening of material grains.

forming 1@2x

Rubber press forming

Where size or definition dictate, Aeroforma Technologies is able to manufacture components on a large 1900mm x 1200mm, twin bed 5000 tonne rubber press. This process is supported by our team of highly skilled sheet metal operatives who are able to “iron” out the slightest of imperfections in these large and complex parts.

forming 2

Fluid cell forming

Not only the Quintus QFM 1.1-800 offer exceptional deep draw hydroforming solutions, it also carried a second fluid cell bed which facilitates the accurate forming of components upto 100mm in depth.  This provides an adjustment-free alternative to traditional rubber presses.

fluid forming