Hard Metal Profiling

Aeroforma Technologies operate a number of waterjet profiling machines which harness the power of water and high-grade silica to cut high precision complex profiles through the hardest metals (up to 150mm thickness).

Where required by the component’s future application, the profile edge is given a “machined” finish on dedicated vertical machining centres, to remove any risk of stress raisers impacting the structural integrity of the finished assembly.

Soft Metal Profiling

What our waterjet machines do for hard metals, our range of stack and vacuum routers achieve for aluminium alloys.

Our in-house-developed stack routering process (cutting multiple sheets upto 6mm) on our 11m x 2.1m-enveloped GFM, affords us the opportunity of offering high volume profiling at very competitive prices.

Our stack router is complemented by a vacuum routering capability which, amongst other applications, offers a “pocketing” process as an environmentally friendly alternative to chemi-milling or costly large bed machining.