Both OEM and NADCAP approved, Aeroforma Technologies offers a wide range of heat treatments and surface protective treatments, which include:

  • Vacblast to prepare surfaces for painting
  • Static and conveyor painting capability
  • Soft metal anneal, solution and precipitation heat treatment
  • Stress relief of stainless steel and titanium upto 650c
  • State-of-art, one of a kind, four-in-one treatments line, which offers:
    • Tartaric sulphuric acid anodise (TSA)
    • Stainless Steel Passivation
    • SurTec 650 conversion coating*
    • Titanium etching
  • Alocrom 1200 conversion coating
  • Chromic acid anodise (CAA)

*Non-hexavalent chromate environmentally friendly alternative to Alocrom 1200

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